Making Dialogue visible

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I help you to distill and communicate complex content to enable engagement that matters.


Experience effective and engaging meetings without powerpoint


Summarize your events in a memorable way and capture all ideas


Learn techniques how to use visualization in your own work


Gain clarity over a change process your organization is experiencing

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Communicate the essence of your business in a playful animation

strategic visualisation

Create engagement around your project and graphically map out your entire strategy


I work with my markers where there is a need for a shared image and a high level of engagement from everyone involved.

I am creating story-maps for your organization to communicate your knowledge, values, processes and strategies. Translating complex content into a structured & symbolic mix of text & imagery – a bigger picture arises as a basis for genuine dialogue.

I work with a systemic approach, bringing multiple perspectives into conversation to find solutions to complex problems. With skilled facilitation I aim to assist groups to move forward collaboratively.


I help you design, facilitate and document strategic meetings, workshops and conferences where engagement and visible results are key.­ Using visual tools to map out project strategies creates clarity around a shared purpose, aids decision-making and makes visible the collective story.


With live-drawing I am creating large-scale visualizations that capture the essence of meetings and conferences. Seeing oneʼs own ideas visualized fosters a greater sense of engagement amongst participants and the visual event summary enables the content to be remembered longer.


With skilled facilitation and meeting design I support you over a longer period to engage your organization in meaningful conversations. I work systemically and am interested in helping organizations to map out their most important questions driving transformative development processes.


In a customized 1 -2 day in-house training format I teach you and your team to use visual thinking to strengthen collaboration in every concept development, project meeting or presentation. You will learn strategic tools to visualize your ideas in order to stimulate participation and visual methods for creative meetings where meaningful conversation and wise decisions can take place.


I work with you to produce short hand drawn animated videos which help you deliver your key messages and story in an inspiring format to quickly reach your audience and engage your whole organization.

I work with a talented team of film-makers who will support the process with their script-writing and post-production experience.


I am always interested in new collaboration opportunities and experiments. Don’t hesitate to contact me if your idea does not yet fit into these categories. I am thrilled to find out how we can co-create.

Graphic facilitation/recording projects are quoted on a per event basis, as each event is unique and has its own requirements and needs. Please get in touch for us to find out how to best visual your next engagement!


translating spoken word into structured & symbolic imagery that allows you to see the bigger picture

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I am a facilitator, an artist, a writer and a connector of dots. I work with visual thinking, mostly in either cultural or corporate contexts.

I like when what I do brings people literally onto the “same page” of a project they’re working with. As a facilitator I incorporate large-scale interactive elements and visualization into my work. As a cultural creative I have a knack for participatory urban development and have been involved in various campaigns and projects dedicated to strengthening sense of place and activate citizenry.

I am educated in systemic process consultation with a Bs in creative leadership at the Kaospilots. For the past 3 years I have been working as an independent consultant visually supporting projects and processes in private, public and third sector organisations.

I have an incredible network of skilled people both within the creative- as well as the organizational development industry that I collaborate with, whenever my skills are insufficient or the project is grand.

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but like to travel and have been working internationally.

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